Business Manager’s Department

The Business Manager is the recognized representative of Local 79. The Business Manager is responsible for making sure the affairs and business of the Local 79 are being properly conducted, appointing and supervising stewards, directing and supervising the activities of all Business Agents and Organizers, and for ensuring that the provisions of all collective bargaining agreements are enforced and respected.

Contact Information for the Business Manager’s Department

Mike Prohaska, Business Manager                                  212-465-7955

Kenny Brancaccio, Assistant to the Business Manager   212-465-7973

Joe Cestaro, In-House Business Agent                            212-465-7988

Juan Mazlymian, Membership Coordinator                      212-465-7932

Bernise Martinez, Administrative Assistant                       212-465-7972

Lori Peterson, Administrative Assistant                            212-465-7965

Melissa Siciliano, Administrative Assistant                       212-465-7976

Fax number: 212-465-7903



Battery Park – 23rd St.
Nick Chiarello                      347-266-9005

23rd St. – 125th St. (Eastside)
Louis Kunda                       646-457-1025

23rd St. – 124th St. (Westside)
Kenny Robinson                 646-265-5602
Steve Andujar                     646-628-2889

125th St. – The Bronx
Barrie Smith                         646-628-2890

John Norbury                      646-265-5593

Brooklyn/Staten Island
Eddie Medina                     646-265-5584
Pawel (Junior) Gruchacz    347-266-3343

SCA Work
Ebubedike Banks                646-265-6406
(BK, NYC, S.I.)
Luis Montalvo                      609-462-6290
(BX, QN)

Night Work                                                                                                                                Jose Andino           (Demo)   646265-5484
Manuel Cumbicus  (Demo)  646-734-2196


Apprentice Coordinator
Wendy Webb                    347-886-2753