The Organizing Department main goal is to organize all workers in the five boroughs who work at the craft that falls within Local 79’s jurisdiction.  The strategies employed by the Organizing Department to achieve this goal vary and include the following: establishing relations in communities through outreach and volunteer work; encouraging developers to use union contractors; helping non-union workers understand the benefits of unionized labor; getting legislation passed that guarantees that projects involving public funds, land, or tax abatements will pay prevailing wage.

Contact Information for the Organizing Department

Chaz Rynkiewicz, Director of Organizing             646-265-5674

John Wund, Asst. Director of Organizing             347-344-7633

Angela C, Asst. to Director of Organizing      347-271-2701

Lenny Anselmo, Field Representative                 646-385-4227

Jason Delgado, Field Representative                 646-455-9331

Dennis Lee, Field Representative/                     347-712-1684
Director of Organizer Training

Missael Robles, Field  Representative               347-266-0572

Michael Vatter, Filed Representative                 347-658-2826

Justice Favor, Field Representative                  347-498-4101

Anthony Williamson, Field                                 646-265-5675

Robert Tiburzi, Field Representative                347-266-3134

Manuel Cumbicus, Field Interns                        646-734-2196

Jayro Valladares, Field Interns                          347-266-1930

Fax number: 212-465-7998