Local 79 is governed by an Executive Board, all of whom are elected by the membership. A number of departments carry out the daily operations of Local 79. These operations include negotiating and monitoring compliance with collective bargaining agreements, placing shop stewards, dispatching members, collecting dues, disbursing funds, grieving violations of collective bargaining agreements, and carrying out organizing work to ensure that all construction work is unionized. Use the links below to view the different departments.

Executive Board Members

Michael Prohaska
Business Manager

Anthony Vita

John Norbury
Vice President

Kenneth Brancaccio

Joseph Cestaro
Recording Secretary

Barrie Smith

Chaz Rynkiewicz
Executive Board member

Jose Andino
Executive Board member

Luis Montalvo

Anthony Williamson

Kenneth Robinson

Business Manager’s Department

The Business Manager is the recognized representative of Local 79. The Business Manager is responsible for making sure the affairs and business of the Local 79 are being properly conducted, appointing and supervising stewards, directing and supervising the activities of all Business Agents and Organizers, and for ensuring that the provisions of all collective bargaining agreements are enforced and respected.

Contact Information for the Business Manager’s Department:

Name Title Phone Fax Email
Mike Prohaska Business Manager 212-465-7955 212-465-7903
Anthony Vita President & Asst. to the Business Manager 212-465-7973 212-465-7903
Joe Cestaro In-House Business Agent 212-465-7988 212-465-7903
Juan Mazlymian Membership Coordinator 212-465-7932 212-465-7903
Lori Peterson Administrative Assistant 212-465-7965 212-465-7903 79@local79.org
Bernise Martinez Administrative Assistant 212-465-7972 212-465-7903 bofford@local79.org

Business Agents:

Area Name Phone
23rd St. – Down (Downtown) Nick Chiarello 347-266-9005
24th St. – 42nd Street (Eastside/Westside) Kenny Robinson 646-265-5602
42nd St. – 124th St. (Eastside) Louis Kunda 646-457-1025
42nd St. – 124th St. (Westside) Steve Andujar 646-628-2889
125th Street & The Bronx Barrie Smith 646-628-2890
Brooklyn Eddie Medina 646-265-5584
Brooklyn/Flatbush Ave to Queens/S.I. Lenny Anselmo 646-385-4227
Brooklyn/Flatbush Ave to Queens/S.I. Luis Montalvo 609-462-6290
Queens John Norbury 646-265-5593
Staten Island (Friday) Joe Cestaro 646-734-8656
Demo (Night Work) – (42nd St – Up East/West) Jose Andino 646–265-5484
Demo (Night Work) – (42nd St -Down, & Downtown Bklyn) Manuel Cumbicus 646-734-2196
SCA Work – (Brooklyn/Manhattan) Ebubedike Banks 646-265-6406
SCA Work – (Bronx/Queens/Staten Island) Mike Robles 347-266-0572
Apprentice Coordinator Wendy Webb 347-886-2753

Secretary-Treasurer’s Department

The Secretary-Treasurer’s Department is responsible for receiving all monies payable to Local 79, disbursing funds in accordance with the Local’s constitution, and accounting for all monies received and disbursed. The Dues Department is part of this department and is responsible for collecting all membership initiation fees, monthly dues, and delinquency fees.

Contact Information for the Secretary Treasurer’s Department:

Name Title Phone Email
Kenneth Branccacio Secretary Treasurer 212-465-7917
Toni-Lyn Riccardi Finance Manager 212-465-7971 triccardi@local79.org
Gracie Acevedo Administrative Assistant 212-465-7954 gacevedo@local79.org
Melissa Siciliano Administrative Assistant 212-465-7976 msiciliano@local79.org
Maurice Wallace Administrative Assistant 212-465-7939 mwallace@local79.org

Dues Department:

Name Title Phone Fax Email
Luz Holmes Administrative Assistant 212-465-7962 212-465-7990 lholmes@local79.org
Ursula Kirwin Administrative Assistant 212-465-7911 212-465-7990 ukirwin@local79.org
Jessica Pena Administrative Assistant 212-465-7908 212-465-7990 jpena@local79.org

Hiring Hall

The main function of the hiring hall is to maintain the out-of-work list and to dispatch Local 79 members who are on the out-of-work list to work sites according to a set of established guidelines (Hiring Hall Rules) The hiring hall requires all members who are not working to re-register for the out-of-work list during the first five business days of each quarter. Quarters begin January, April, July, and October.

Contact Information for the Hiring Hall:

Name Title Phone Fax Email
Denise Echevarria Hiring Hall Administrator 212-465-7915 212-465-7992 dechevarria@local79.org
Anita Williams Administrative Assistant 212-465-7919 212-465-7992 awilliams@local79.org
Susan Wong Administrative Assistant 212-465-7969 212-465-7992 swong@local79.org
Irmina Kaczynska Administrative Assistant 212-465-7918 212-465-7992 ikaczynska@local79.org


The Grievance Department works to resolve issues related to Local 79 signatories not adhering to one or more provisions of the collective bargaining agreement to which they are bound. Members should not call the Grievance Department directly about worksite problems that may result in formal grievances. Instead, members should report the problem to their Shop Steward who will, in turn, report the problem to the Business Agent, who will then file a grievance. If necessary, Members can speak directly to their area Business Agent.

The Grievance Department also issues checks to members resulting from successful arbitration of grievances. Checks are distributed Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Contact Information for the Grievance Department:

Name Title Phone Fax Email
Jasmine Perdomo Director of Grievance Department 212-465-7943 212-465-7975 jp@local79.org
Carla Deschamps Administrative Assistant 212-465-7943 212-465-7975 cdeschamps@local79.org


The Organizing Department main goal is to organize all workers in the five boroughs who work at the craft that falls within Local 79’s jurisdiction. The strategies employed by the Organizing Department to achieve this goal vary and include the following: establishing relations in communities through outreach and volunteer work; encouraging developers to use union contractors; helping non-union workers understand the benefits of unionized labor; getting legislation passed that guarantees that projects involving public funds, land, or tax abatements will pay prevailing wage.

Contact Information for the Organizing Department:

Name Title Phone Fax Email
Chaz Rynkiewicz Director of Organizing 646-265-5674 212-465-7998 chaz@local79.org
John Wund Asst. Director of Organizing 347-344-7633 212-465-7998 jwund@local79.org
Angela Campbell Asst. to Director of Organizing 347-271-2701 212-465-7998 acampbell@local79.org
Justice Favor Field Representative 347-498-4101 212-465-7998
Anthony Williamson Field Representative 646-265-5675 212-465-7998
Mike Vatter Field Representative 347-658-2826 212-465-7998
Jason Delgado Field Representative 646-455-9331 212-465-7998
Robert Tiburzi Field Representative 347-266-3134 212-465-7998 rtiburzi@local79.org
Tafadar Sourov Field Intern 646-670-7020 212-465-7998
Tierra Williams Field Intern 646-581-1570 212-465-7998
Khalil Vasquez Field Intern 347-515-2651 212-465-7998





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