Legal Services Plan

Local 79 provides a range of free legal services to eligible members, their dependents, and retirees through the law offices of Gorlick, Kravitz & Listhaus. Local 79 also offers immigration-and naturalization-related legal services through Make the Road New York.

Gorlick, Kravitz & Listhaus can advise and represent you as an Eligible Member with respect to:

Matrimonial and Family Law

Legal services include adoption, paternity issues, preparation of a separation agreement, alimony, visitation, contested and uncontested divorces, handling custody and child support problems, and orders of protection. In the case of matrimonial and family law matters, the Plan only covers disputes between family members where the Eligible Member (rather than an Eligible Dependent) is seeking services.

Personal Bankruptcy

The Plan covers personal bankruptcy proceedings for the Eligible Member and Eligible Dependents but not business bankruptcies.

Change of Name

Real Estate Transactions

The Plan covers the purchase, sale, and refinancing of the Eligible Member’s primary residence. The residence must be a one, two or three family residence, if you purchase a new primary residence before you sell your old one, the old one will be treated as your primary residence if it is sold within six months of the closing on your new home. The Plan also covers deed transfers.

Landlord and Tenant Proceedings

The Plan covers situations in which the Eligible Member or Eligible Dependent is the tenant.


The Plan covers the preparation of simple wills, living wills, and powers of attorney.


The Plan provides benefits for consultations on a wide variety of legal issues.

Immigration and Naturalization Matters

Make the Road New York or Gorlick, Kravitz & Listhaus can advise and represent you as an Eligible Member with respect to:

Immigration and Naturalization Matters: The Plan provides up to 8 hours per calendar year for immigration and naturalization services.

A description of eligibility standards and covered services can be found here: Local 79 Summary Plan Description 

If you are eligible (or wish to know if you are eligible) and the services you require are covered by the Plan, you can schedule an appointment by calling Gorlick, Kravitz & Listhaus at: 212-269-2500 or Make the Road New York at 718-565-8500, ext. 4493.

The Board of Trustees of the Local 79 Legal Services Plan (the “Plan”) is pleased to announce the following improvement to the Plan, effective October 5, 2016.

In the event a member who is eligible for legal services under the Plan passes away, the member’s spouse will now remain eligible for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of death for one consultation concerning probate or other estate matters from the Local 79 Legal Services Plan.

An attorney providing this probate consultation cannot represent the spouse in probate court or other proceedings but can discuss the spouse’s rights and responsibilities and the next steps the spouse should take.