If you have questions about health coverage provided by the Mason Tenders’ District Council Welfare Fund or other options if you are no longer eligible for coverage from the Welfare Fund, you can visit the Funds’ Offices at 520 Eighth Ave, Suite 660, New York, NY 10018 or call the Medical Eligibility Department at (212) 452-9700.  The Welfare Fund’s staff may also be able to assist you with questions about the Health Insurance Marketplace and the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. 

Local 79 members who do not have health care through Local 79 and who have not signed up for insurance through the exchanges may be able to do so, even if the eligibility period has expired. For more information, members who reside in of New York State can explore eligibility and read about various health care plans here. A federal government website regarding health insurance marketplaces is also available.

Local 79 members with Aetna Health Benefits can visit Aetna’s website for information on plan coverage, to find a doctor or specialist in net-work, view recent claims and manage your healthcare needs. Aetna’s Navigator website will save you time and help you make more informed decisions about your health here.