Independence Day Holiday Observance / Friday, July 3, 2020
Independence Day falls on Saturday, July 4, 2020 this year. Listed below are the PLA’s, Trade Agreements and/or the Contractor Associations that have agreed to observe Independence Day on Friday, July 3rd, in accordance with the City of New York.

All hours worked by Mason Tenders during Friday, July 3rd, on job sites bound to the above-mentioned Trade Agreements, shall be paid in accordance with the Holiday pay provisions of those agreement.

Independence Day Holiday Observance / Saturday, July 4, 2020
Most of our members work under contracts that will be observing Independence Day on the preceding Friday, in accordance with NYC, and as such, any work performed on  that day shall be paid in accordance with the Holiday Pay provisions of the contract.

The above notwithstanding, many of our members will be working under contracts that will observe Independence Day on Saturday, July 4th, in accordance with New York State. Listed below are contracts that follow the state.

  • NYC School Construction Authority
  • The Cement League

It is safe to say that the general rule of thumb is that State projects will be observing Independence Day on Saturday, July 4th and NYC projects will be observing it on the preceding Friday. But please note that there may be a private PLA that creates an exception to the rule.

Note: Please check with your area Business Agent for further information regarding Contractor Agreements for Holidays.