On Thursday, January 30, renowned actor Danny Glover was scheduled to give a speech on “Workers’ Rights at Home and Abroad” at Pace University.  What Mr. Glover didn’t know when he agreed to accept the invitation to give the talk was that Local 79 and other building trades had  been carrying on a lengthy campaign against Pace University’s use of a non-union contractor to build its’ new 35-story dormitory building.  When members of the Organizing Department caught wind of the talk, they worked with LECET and 100BCW to reach out to Mr. Glover to let him know of Pace University’s short-sighted, immoral insistence on building a major project using a contractor with a history of safety and wage violations. Within an hour of receiving a communication from Local 79, Mr. Glover canceled his talk. This is but one of many cases where Mr. Glover, a long-time activist and friend of labor, has not only “talked the talk, but walked the walk.”  We thank him for his support.