After many years of service to our union, the retirement of Secretary-Treasurer George Zecca was honored at our January membership meeting. We thank George for all he has done and we wish him well on his retirement after a long career of hard work and dedication.

George began his career thirty-three years ago mixing mortar and worked his way up with a brick company to become a foreman. He joined our Organizing Department in 1999 and then was selected to be a Business Agent one year later. From 2012 to 2015, George was the President of the NYC Building Trades’ Manhattan Board of Business Agents. After 10 years serving as an Auditor of our Executive Board, George became our Secretary-Treasurer in 2015. A careful and shrewd steward of the local’s treasury, he played a crucial role in our purchase of a new office condominium as our future union hall. George will be greatly missed, but he leaves our union well-positioned for success.

As a result of George’s retirement, the following changes in Executive Board positions were announced at the January membership meeting:

  • Kenneth Brancaccio: Secretary-Treasurer
  • Anthony Vita: President & Assistant Business Manager
  • Chaz Rynkiewicz: Executive Board Member
  • Barrie Smith: Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Kenny Robinson: Auditor

We are confident that these new positions ensure that our Executive Board remains up to the task of leading our great union. We are only able to reach these new levels, because of the reputation you earn for our local each and every day.