Ballots for the Local 79 elections were tallied on June 24, 2015. In a big victory, all ten members of The Clean Slate were elected. Mike Prohaska was re-elected to the position of Local 79’s Business Manager and former Executive Board auditor George Zecca was elected as Local 79’s new Secretary-Treasurer. Local 79 President Kenny Brancaccio, Vice President John Norbury, Recording Secretary Joe Cestaro, Executive Board Member Anthony Vita, Auditor Anthony Willamson, and Auditor Luis Montalvo were all re-elected to their positions. Jose Andino, the former Sargent-at Arms, was elected to be a member of the Executive Board. Chaz Rynkiewicz was elected to the position of Sargent-at-Arms. Dave Moretti will be an auditor.