On June 30, 2014, Local 79 announced it had reached agreements on all major contracts that were up for negotiation. Increases under all but one of the various multi-year contracts were set at $1.90 a year (.95 each six months), a yearly increase of approximately 3%. The NYC Demolition Contractors’ Association contract was settled at $1.51 for the first year ($.75 as of July 1, 2014), which represents a first year increase of approximately 2.5%, and increases of 2.5% and 3% in the last two years. In addition to the raise, two additional A men were added to the ratio in the first 12 spots. All new rates take effect on July 1st, 2014, with subsequent increases occurring every six months for the remainder of the contracts. Local 79 Business Manager Mike Prohaska said that he was very pleased with the outcome of the negotiations, noting that “Mason Tenders’ District Council Business Manager Bobby Bonanza provided great leadership in assuring that Local 79 workers would get a fair deal in the years covered by the contracts.”