On September 17, Local 79 members lined up behind yellow hazard tape emblazoned with “Wage Theft” and passed out leaflets about wage theft to participants attending a symposium about affordable housing . The symposium was linked to the opening of a new exhibition at the museum entitled “Affordable New York: A Housing Legacy.” Local 79 members had good cause to be there: a number of the sponsors of the exhibition—Lettire Construction, Mountco Construction & Development Projects, to name two—are bad, non-union contractors. Millions of dollars have been stolen from workers on Lettire and Mountco affordable housing projects.These contractors regularly work on affordable housing projects that receive subsidies from New York City.Local 79 is sick and tired of these contractors trying to gain public respectability through such things as sponsoring this exhibition while they continue to rob their workers of wages. Local 79’s position on this issue continues to be loud and clear: Affordable housing should be built by union labor, not by wage thieving contractors!