Local 79 is proud to announce that Business Manager Mike Prohaska has been asked to be a trustee of the New York State Laborers’ Health & Safety, PAC and LECET funds.

During the March general membership meeting, Prohaska said that “This appointment is a great honor and privilege. Truly, it is a testament to the standing of Local 79 throughout the state.”

Prohaska is already a trustee of the Welfare, Annuity, Pension and Training Funds for the Mason Tenders District Council. Prohaska plans to continue to focus first and foremost on protecting the fund’s future viability, while still encouraging growth through responsible investments and allocations.

During Prohaska’s time as trustee, Local 79 has benefited from his trusted stewardship. Last year, the union saw its Annuity Fund grew 5.05% in interest. Members are secure knowing that their Pension Fund is currently 102% funded and has remained fully funded since Prohaska has been Business Manager.

Local 79 earns its benefits through delivering skilled labor in hard and dangerous conditions. The work-rate of the Local is renowned, with a strong reputation for quality and punctual work. Local 79 knows that other Laborers’ locals will be thankful to have Mike Prohaska as a trustee for their statewide funds.