23 06, 2015

Local 79 Members Help Win 421-a Battle


A huge thank you to all of the members of Local 79 who engaged in the all-out battle that was waged to reform 421-a, the program that offers huge tax breaks to developers who build residential housing in New York City. Members made their voices heard by going to City Council hearings and going on buses up to Albany to lobby, taking on both New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the powerful real estate lobby. The message to elected officials was loud and clear: public subsidies in the form of tax breaks have to come with public responsibility. Developers will now have [...]

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11 06, 2015

Local 79 Apprentices Lobby in Albany


A busload of Local 79 apprentices went to Albany on June 10 to lobby legislators regarding 421-a, the program that provides tax abatement to developers who build residential housing in New York City. Their presence there was part of the UP4NYC campaign, a campaign that has been going on for weeks to make sure any extension of 421-a carries with it new responsibilities for the developers who are getting the tax breaks. The apprentices met with a number of legislators and spoke about the critical importance of amending the legislation to add provisions that a percentage of the units receiving tax [...]

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3 06, 2015

Local 79 Joins Rally to Tell Albany to Fix 421-a


On June 2, over 100 Local 79 members rode buses to Albany for a rally outside the state capitol to tell legislators to fix 421-a, the law that allows huge tax breaks for rich developers. They were joined by hundreds of building trades workers, all of whom were demanding that a fix to 421-a must include provisions that provide affordable housing and good paying jobs. Assembly Chair Keith Wright, a resident of Harlem, delivered an inspirational speech to the crowd, strongly urging them to get involved and make sure 421-a is fixed in favor of working people. Sign the letter and tell Albany that public [...]

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1 06, 2015

Local 79 Members: Help Stop the Giveaway to Rich Developers!


Local 79 is one of several unions that recently publicly supported an organization called UP4NYC. UP4NYC is an organization that advocates for Albany to repair the broken 421-A tax abatement program. Please click here to read the latest article about the UP4NYC campaign and see a video about the issue. For decades, the 421-A tax abatement program has offered large tax breaks to developers to provide an incentive for residential development in New York City, asking for little or nothing in return.  UP4NYC is seeking to modify the program so that developers receiving 421-A tax breaks guarantee that union wages will be paid on all construction jobs [...]

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29 03, 2015

Local 79 Members: Albany Rally Alert!


Local 79 members are encouraged to come to a rally in Albany to ensure that any extension of 421-a, the tax abatement program for wealthy developers, contains provisions ensuring that the affordable housing built in exchange for the tax breaks will pay workers prevailing wage. Attendance will count towards your mandatory participation. All attendees will receive a $100 stipend. Lunch and shirts will be provided. When: Tuesday, June 2, 6:00 am Where: Five buses will be outside Local 79, 520 8th Avenue You must call Angela to reserve your seat: 212-465-7912  

Local 79 Members: Albany Rally Alert!2015-06-03T09:33:23-04:00
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