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After carefully considering all the factors and the rapidly changing situation in NYC around the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Executive Board has decided to close the offices until further notice. Arrangements have been made for the office staff to work from home for the time being.

All phones have been forwarded and will be answered. All Business Agents and Organizers will remain in the field and available as long as job-sites remain open.

Grievance checks will be processed as expeditiously as possible.
Online Dues payments will be processed so we urge all members to set up online accounts. All credit card fees have been waived until further notice.

The MTDC Training School and Trust Funds will also operate in some capacity. Any questions you should call them directly.

As a reminder, we have also received a National Variance from General President Terrence O’Sullivan to suspend our March General Membership Meeting. So again, there will be no March meeting.

For the Hiring Hall, contact Denise at (646) 483-9895 or Irmina at (347) 380-2358.

Continue to check Local 79’s website & social media page for updates!!

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