Over one hundred LiUNA members were present to greet LiUNA’s “Getting Schooled in Infrastructure” bus when it made a lunch-time stop on 41st Street and Sixth Avenue on Wednesday, July 23. The school bus, which has been damaged by a piece of a collapsed bridge, graphically calls attention to the conditions of the nation’s bridges, 30% of which have exceeded their 50-year life span. More generally, it is meant to call attention to the dire state of the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. LiUNA is calling for Congress to pass a long-term, full investment Highway Bill to carry out the needed repairs on bridges and highways.  Congress is currently considering a short-term fix which would extend through May of 2015, but anything other than a long-term solution leaves state and local governments unable to plan for long-term projects. For more information and to pressure Congress to act on this now, click here.