Due to recently enacted laws requiring vaccination, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that you will be dispatched to a job if you are not fully vaccinated. This is not Local 79’s policy; it is a legal requirement for most contractors and most job sites.

Although some of the laws have exceptions for medical disabilities and genuine religious objections, this does not mean you are automatically allowed on a job. If you believe an exception applies to you, you should consult with a competent legal advisor.

The laws also have different dates by when you need to be fully vaccinated (currently defined as 14 days after receiving 2 doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines and 1 dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine).

  • The law for federal contracts required full vaccination by November 22, 2021 and by December 13, 2021 under the New York State law.
  • New York City’s law says you must receive your first dose of the vaccine by December 27, 2021 and your second dose (unless you receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) within 45 days of your first dose.

Bottom line — if you are not yet fully vaccinated and you have no exemption, you should vaccinate as soon as possible — if you want to keep working.