Beginning January 1, 2016, OptumRx became the new prescription drug benefit manager for Local 79 members who are eligible for healthcare benefits. The change from Aetna Rx to OptumRx was explained fully in a letter sent to Local 79 members in November of 2015.

The key points are as follows:

  • New OptumRx prescription ID cards were mailed to you in 2015 and should be used for all prescription drug purchases after January 1, 2016. Members will receive new Aetna ID cards in January. Until such time as you receive these, continue to use your old Aetna card for medical benefits. Once you have received the new Aetna ID card, destroy the old Aetna ID card.
  • Some specific drugs that were formerly available will be excluded from coverage, but there will always be at least one covered alternative drug that is in the same therapeutic class as the excluded drug. You may wish to speak to your doctor about transitioning to one of the covered  alternative drugs.

For more information, please click here to read the full text of the letter that was sent out in November.