On Monday evening, April 6, 20 Local 79 apprentices attended a dinner to speak with Alize Beal, a Manhattan representative from the Mayor’s office, about their path to becoming Local 79 apprentices, discuss the various ways in which they are active in the Local and their communities, and to listen to Mike McGuire, Director of the Mason Tenders’ District Council Political Action Committee, talk about the importance of becoming engaged in various forms of political action.

The apprentices were introduced to Local 79 through its Pre-Apprenticeship Navigation Programs. The Navigation programs partner with a number of community and neighborhood organizations to inform local community members about Local 79, its apprenticeship program, the labor movement, and other issues. “It was heartening to see such a great turnout of these relatively new members and to learn about their level of involvement in Local 79 and the community.” said  Von Chambers, Assistant Director of Greater New York LECET. “It makes me feel very positive about the future of the Local and of New York City.”