Where You Can Participate
Mandatory Participation Locations: Thursday, February 9, 2023          

Leeding Builders Group
278 8th Ave.
Between W. 23rd St. & W. 24th St.
1/C/E/F/M train to 23rd St.
Contact: Jason Delgado (646) 455-9331

261 11th Ave.
Between W. 27th St. & W. 28th St.
7 train to 34th St. – Hudson Yards
Contact: Sebastian Zarnoch (973) 668-1755

989 6th Ave.
Between W. 36th St. & W. 37th St.
B/D/N/Q/R/W train to 34th St. – Herald Sq.
Contact: Carlos Costano (732) 783-6850

The Sioni Group
240 W. 37th St.
Between 7th Ave. & 8th Ave.
1/2/3/7/A/C/E/N/Q/R/W/S train to 42nd St. – Times Sq.
Contact: Saverio Samarelli (609) 414-0337

160 Water St.
Between John St. & Fletcher St.
2/3/4/5 train to Fulton St.
Contact: Alvaro Gonzalez (347) 344-8577

 Members of Local 79 must complete one day of mandatory participation each year. Members can fulfill this requirement in any of the following ways:

  • Spend a day at a participation location
  • Attend five participation locations at lunchtime.
  • Take part in a Local-79 approved action, event or community-service

8:00 am is the typical start time (unless otherwise stated) for all participation locations.

Retirees are required to complete 4 hours and Journeyman are required to complete 6 hours to be eligible for a stipend. Rallies are not paid events but attendees will receive participation credit. To receive full participation credit, you must sign in/out.

Participation Location Hotline: 212-465-7957

In addition to these activities, we encourage members to do the following:

Take the RISE (Regional Initiatives for Strategic Education) Foundation course. This class educates members about the history and economics of the construction industry, union organizing, and helps them in understanding some of the tactics Local 79 employs. Sign up by calling: 347-658-2826

Take the second level RISE Builder course, a more advanced course in community organizing, at the Training Fund. Sign up by calling: 347-658-2826

Participate in Political Action phone banking, local political meetings, and other activities. For more information, call: 212-452-9500.

For more information about ways in which you can get involved and for general questions, call 212-465-7912.