23 03, 2016

Local 79 Members Commemorate Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire


On March 23, dozens of Local 79 members joined hundreds of other union members, members of community organizations and elementary school students to commemorate the 115th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. The fire, which occurred in 1911, killed 145 garment workers who were unable to escape the burning factory due to locked exit doors and other unsafe conditions. The fire resulted in a series of laws that improved fire safety standards and working conditions, including limiting the working hours of women and children. Numerous labor leaders and politicians spoke to the crowd, as shirts representing the dead workers lofted in the [...]

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23 06, 2015

Local 79 Members Help Win 421-a Battle


A huge thank you to all of the members of Local 79 who engaged in the all-out battle that was waged to reform 421-a, the program that offers huge tax breaks to developers who build residential housing in New York City. Members made their voices heard by going to City Council hearings and going on buses up to Albany to lobby, taking on both New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the powerful real estate lobby. The message to elected officials was loud and clear: public subsidies in the form of tax breaks have to come with public responsibility. Developers will now have [...]

Local 79 Members Help Win 421-a Battle2015-06-25T15:43:09-04:00
3 06, 2015

Local 79 Joins Rally to Tell Albany to Fix 421-a


On June 2, over 100 Local 79 members rode buses to Albany for a rally outside the state capitol to tell legislators to fix 421-a, the law that allows huge tax breaks for rich developers. They were joined by hundreds of building trades workers, all of whom were demanding that a fix to 421-a must include provisions that provide affordable housing and good paying jobs. Assembly Chair Keith Wright, a resident of Harlem, delivered an inspirational speech to the crowd, strongly urging them to get involved and make sure 421-a is fixed in favor of working people. Sign the letter and tell Albany that public [...]

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2 06, 2015

Albany Rally Alert!


Local 79 members are encouraged to come to a rally in Albany to ensure that any extension of 421-a, the tax abatement program for wealthy developers, contains provisions ensuring that the affordable housing built in exchange for the tax breaks will pay workers prevailing wage. Attendance will count towards your mandatory participation. All attendees will receive will receive a $100 stipend. Lunch and shirts will be provided. When: Tuesday, June 2, 6:00 am Where: Five buses will be outside Local 79, 520 8th Avenue You must call Angela to reserve your seat: 212-465-7912

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15 05, 2015

May 12 Rally Against NYSAFAH


On Tuesday, May 12, the (inaptly named) New York State Association for Affordable Housing (NYSAFAH) held their annual conference in New York City. NYSAFAH is an association that, among other things, opposes prevailing wages and transparency about the way in which public subsidies are doled out to NYSAFAH members. Over the past years, media outlets have carried numerous stories about NYSAFAH members being found guilty of millions of dollars in wage theft. Dozens of Local 79 organizers and members and community activists were present at the May 13th event. Some Local 79 staff and members were dressed up as soccer referees and gave out wage theft "red cards," while others were dressed up [...]

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13 05, 2015

Hundreds Join May 12th Rezoning Rally in East New York


On the evening of May 12th, over a hundred Local 79 members were joined by members of other building trades' unions and community organizations at a rally in East New York. The rally, one of a number that have been held in East New York and in other neighborhoods throughout New York City, is part of an ongoing and concerted grassroots campaign related to Mayor Bill de Blasio's plans to rezone a number of City neighborhoods.“Local 79 has been in this fight from the beginning, and we will be in until the end, “said Local 79’s Director of Organizing Chaz Rynkiewicz. “We demand that [...]

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12 05, 2015

Rezoning Rally and March in East New York


When: Tuesday, May 12th, Rally at 6:00 pm, March at 7:00 pm Where: Highland Park (across the street from 458 Jamaica Avenue) Why: Stand up for neighborhoods that need real affordable housing, good union jobs for local residents, and anti-displacement policies to protect neighborhood residents Contact: Anthony Williamson, 646-265-5675

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2 05, 2015

May Day Rally Draws Thousands


Hundreds of Local 79 members joined thousands of workers from various unions to celebrate May Day 2015 with a rally that began outside billionaire Walmart owner Alice Walton's home. After a spirited march, marchers assembled to listen to numerous labor leaders speak from a stage about the continuing struggles of working people in an economy that has seen the largest share of income go to the 1%. Local 79's Business Manager Mike Prohaska delivered a fiery speech to the crowd, in which he spoke about the history of the struggle for the eight-hour day and how increasingly workers cannot provide for their families on eight hours of work. He asked [...]

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1 05, 2015

May Day Rally


When: Friday, May 1, 5:00 pm Where: 60th Street between Park and Lexington Avenue Who: Local 79 members and thousands of other union members and community activists Why: Fight for real jobs, real; wages, and real rights

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15 04, 2015

No Need for Alarms This Morning: Local 79 is in the House!


The “Fight for $15” got an early, boisterous start at 6:00 am on Wednesday, April 15, when Local 79 members joined hundreds of construction workers and low-wage workers in Brooklyn to rally for higher wages for low wage workers and union protection. Protestors marched through the streets of Brooklyn, stopping at McDonald’s and at a job site of JDS, a notorious non-union developer.  After the rally, Local 79 Business Manager Mike Prohaska said that the “Fight for $15” is “at its core, about social and economic justice for all workers throughout this country.  Local 79 is committed to fight for workers [...]

No Need for Alarms This Morning: Local 79 is in the House!2015-04-15T13:38:22-04:00
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