23 03, 2016

Local 79 Members Commemorate Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire


On March 23, dozens of Local 79 members joined hundreds of other union members, members of community organizations and elementary school students to commemorate the 115th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. The fire, which occurred in 1911, killed 145 garment workers who were unable to escape the burning factory due to locked exit doors and other unsafe conditions. The fire resulted in a series of laws that improved fire safety standards and working conditions, including limiting the working hours of women and children. Numerous labor leaders and politicians spoke to the crowd, as shirts representing the dead workers lofted in the [...]

Local 79 Members Commemorate Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire2016-03-23T15:46:14-04:00
23 02, 2016

Local 79 Members Rally for Truly Affordable Housing


On February 23, nearly one hundred members of Local 79 rallied at City Hall Park alongside hundreds of members of Real Affordability for All (RAFA), a broad-based coalition that is opposed to Mayor de Blasio’s affordable housing plan. Numerous speakers, including Gary LaBarbera, president of the Building and Construction Trades Council, protested the Mayor’s plan to rezone a number of neighborhoods in New York. His plan, which includes a provision called Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH), contains no assurances that the affordable housing will be built union. At the same time, lower-income residents of the neighborhoods that are proposed for rezoning will [...]

Local 79 Members Rally for Truly Affordable Housing2016-02-23T15:06:36-05:00
23 02, 2016

Local 79 Members: Make Your Voices Heard at the Real Affordability for All Rally


What: Rally at City Hall Park (Broadway side) to demand that Mayor de Blasio's affordable housing plan offers solid, middle-class construction jobs and housing that is affordable for low- and mid-wage New Yorkers. When: Tuesday, February 23, 10:30 am Where: City Hall Park (Broadway side)

Local 79 Members: Make Your Voices Heard at the Real Affordability for All Rally2016-02-17T16:01:12-05:00
11 12, 2015

Huge Rally Demands Stronger Construction Safety Standards


On December 10, Local 79 members joined thousands of members of other Building Trades unions to express their outrage and grief over the 16 deaths that have occurred on New York City construction sites this year. The vast majority of these deaths have occurred on non-union sites, which have lax safety and training standards that imperil the lives of construction workers. Leaders of unions throughout New York City were joined by City politicians to call attention to the plight of construction workers who lack union protection and, as a result, are often exploited by unscrupulous employers who seek to make a quick profit [...]

Huge Rally Demands Stronger Construction Safety Standards2015-12-11T09:43:49-05:00
10 12, 2015

Rally Alert!


What: Demand safe working conditions for construction workers, 17 of whom have died on the job in New York City this year. Where: Assemble on Nassau Street between Beekman and Ann Street from 12:30-1:00 pm. March to City Hall 1:15-1:30 pm. (Rally location: On Broadway in front of City Hall) When: December 10, 2016

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4 12, 2015

Local 79 Joins Other Building Trades to Rally for Union Jobs


On December 3, Local 79 Business Manager Mike Prohaska spoke at a Building Trades rally attended by hundreds of members of Local 79 and other Building Trades unions. The rally was called to demand that New York City real estate developers commit to building union, and that they stop working with non-union contractors who exploit their workers and provide unsafe working conditions, as described in a recent front-page article in The New York Times. Click here for Mike Prohaska's speech.

Local 79 Joins Other Building Trades to Rally for Union Jobs2015-12-04T14:59:13-05:00
17 11, 2015

New York Coalition Against Wage Theft Issues Report


The New York Coalition Against Wage Theft, of which Local 79 is a founding member, held a press conference and rally on November 17, 2015 to publicize the publication of the first major report on New York wage theft since 2009. Local 79 members were joined by other Coalition members--Local 78, Local 108, Local 1010, LECET, Make the Road New York, RWDSU, UFCW 1500, CPD, Labor -Religion Coalition, and  other community and faith-based groups--to rally in front of a New York Insulation Inc.worksite to highlight the company’s long record of labor violations. They then went across the street, where they heard impassioned speeches from workers who had [...]

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18 09, 2015

Local 79 Sets Up Wage Theft Line at Museum of the City of New York


On September 17, Local 79 members lined up behind yellow hazard tape emblazoned with “Wage Theft” and passed out leaflets about wage theft to participants attending a symposium about affordable housing . The symposium was linked to the opening of a new exhibition at the museum entitled “Affordable New York: A Housing Legacy.” Local 79 members had good cause to be there: a number of the sponsors of the exhibition—Lettire Construction, Mountco Construction & Development Projects, to name two—are bad, non-union contractors. Millions of dollars have been stolen from workers on Lettire and Mountco affordable housing projects.These contractors regularly work on affordable [...]

Local 79 Sets Up Wage Theft Line at Museum of the City of New York2015-09-18T10:56:19-04:00
10 09, 2015

Local 79 Members Show Solidarity as Fast Food Workers Win the Fight for $15


Dozens of Local 79 members and members of other LiUNA locals joined members of other New York City unions on September 10 to hear Governor Cuomo announce that the state Labor Department has approved the recommendations of a wage board to increase the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $15 an hour. About 180,000 workers will be impacted by this increase, which will be phased in. Governor Cuomo also announced that he is asking the New York State legislature to increase the minimum wage for all workers to $15 an hour. Cuomo was joined on the stage by labor leaders and [...]

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17 07, 2015

Local 79: Loud and Proud!


July 16th was not an unusual day for members of Local 79. Organizers and members put up a rat on Staten Island and on the second day of the picket line turned the job union, putting members to work. Simultaneously we had over 30 members with Governor Cuomo in the Bronx, supporting his announcement of a 10-Agency Joint Task Force to investigate and focus on worker exploitation, wage, and workplace violations. Local 79 members followed that up in the evening with a rally in the Lower East Side with community groups that supported us in our victorious 421-a campaign. The rally called for more union-built affordable housing for New York [...]

Local 79: Loud and Proud!2015-07-17T11:37:56-04:00
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